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A Team of professionals helping people to stay comfortable and safe wherever audiences gather to enjoy
a world-class entertainment experience.

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Based in the Boston area, Aegis burnished its reputation as New England’s premier event staffing company across four decades of service to this region’s vibrant live entertainment industry.

Aegis became an early pioneer of the guest services approach to entertainment security, and has continually demonstrated the flexibility and innovation needed to meet every new crowd management and client service challenge presented ever since.

Our progressive crowd management approach and record of accomplishment have earned Aegis a prominent entertainment industry clientele comprised of world-class venues, event producers, touring professionals and performers.
For Aegis, meaningful collaboration in this unique service business means internalizing the vision and interests of both the client and their guests so that those values become synonymous with our own.


Treating people the right way makes all the difference in our business.

The Aegis Team of seasoned professionals:

  • Works in tandem with each client to complement their existing safety and guest services program in a manner that maximizes entertainment value to all.
  • Promotes voluntary compliance with the crowd management policies that our clients have established for the comfort, safety and enjoyment of their guests.
  • Adds value by providing a helpful and welcoming staff presence that projects the safest, least intrusive enforcement profile practicable.
The Aegis Team accomplishes its goals by achieving a proper balance between a staff presence that understands and identifies with each audience’s needs and expectations, while professionally upholding the host venue’s policies necessary for good order and public safety.
Our mission is to foster a comfortable shared environment that meaningfully enhances the collective safety, comfort, enjoyment and commerce of the live entertainment experience.


Our success is attributable to an intangible asset, namely “human capital”. That human capital is stored in the experience, learning and supervision of the professionals who comprise our Team, along with the policies, procedures and systems we have developed for managing event staff.

Aegis is dedicated to developing the skills and knowledge of its people at every level of the organization. Special emphasis is placed on cultivating an understanding of the basic principles that define our mission. Beyond accelerating the learning curve that kind of understanding also puts our Team members on a path to apply seasoned judgment in managing the atypical situations that invariably arise.

Every client benefits from the added value of our Team’s collective experience and expertise, alleviating the burden on each client to replicate a similar staff of their own.
Aegis recognizes that, fundamentally, event staffing and entertainment security done the right way is a knowledge business.


Every year, Aegis employees play a crucial role in the New England live entertainment industry, providing much needed event staff and security personnel at the region’s most prestigious special events.

No prior experience is necessary. Demonstrated guest service and teamwork talents are a plus.

Convenient, seasonal schedules entail mostly evening work suitable for full-time workers and college students on the go. Also available: day, evening and overnight shifts.

If you would like to explore joining the Aegis Team, we invite you to click on our pre-employment questionnaire below. Let us know your general interest, availability, and a little about yourself. Aegis will take it from there.
Please consider whether you would like to join a diverse, supportive team dedicated to excellence in crowd management and entertainment security.